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Welcome to Celebrate Yourself.

"The Mind is at once, a Terrible Master, but when Trained, a MAGNIFICENT SERVANT." from the Raja Yoga

The beliefs we hold about ourselves create our reality; they are the guiding principles behind everything we see and attract. The way we feel about ourselves affects our relationships with others, our finances, career, environment, and our physical health.

When these parts of our lives are satisfying we feel content. By holding true to the desire to be happy and touching upon the feeling of contentment frequently, we naturally bring more joy into our lives. Transformation begins inside each of us. Truly we can bring about what we think about. To celebrate yourself is the practice of loving and honoring yourself, your dreams, and your true inner being.

A consultation with Lara, a spiritual counselor, writer, and Reiki healer will help you blossom to your fullest potential, gain a greater understanding of your life path and see with wisdom and clarity the life affirming changes necessary to transform your relationships, finances, career and overall state of being.